Why Get Your Carpet Cleaned?

Top Ten Reasons to Get Your Carpets Cleaned Annually

  1. Carpet is probably the most expensive furnishing in your home. Regularly scheduled cleaning will keep your investment looking great for years to come.
  2. Next time your favorite in-laws drop in you can let them believe you replaced your old carpet. We specialize in making old carpet look and feel new again.
  3. Dust mites call your carpet home. Yes, I know you don’t want to admit it, but those pesky little critters are there. Regular vacuuming does not remove them, but carpet cleaning does. You and your family will breathe easier after Rodney’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Services extracts all of the contaminants out of your carpet.
  4. Next time your kids stretch out on the carpet in front of the T.V., they wont be sharing the space with dust mites and other dirty-carpet critters.
  5. Every step you take on a soiled carpet causes wear. Carpet can hide a pound of soil per square yard. Don’t cut your carpets life short by waiting until it looks dirty to have it cleaned. (Professional cleaning at least annually is recommended by manufacturers.)
  6. Have a stain that won’t come out? Steamed carpet cleaning can remove stains and give life to your carpet.
  7. Make sure to use scotch guard to discourage the return of any stains. This helps with future cleanings and to just keep your carpets looking presentable in-between professional cleanings.
  8. It’s a low cost service to you the consumer. With Rodney’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Services all of your questions will be answered. We take the time to make sure you know exactly what needs to be done to keep your carpet looking like new.
  9. You get a no-hassle, no-surprises, written quote on any work you decide to have completed. We treat you like the valued, long-term client we hope you become.
  10. The Last (But Certainly Not Least) Reason to Have Your Carpet Cleaned by Rodney’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Service is because you deserve to remember what your home looked like, smelled like, and felt like when your carpet was new. Restoring that like-new feeling is our specialty. You’re proud of your homes appearance, let us help you keep it that way.

100% FREE Satisfaction Guarantee We Do The Job Right, Or You Dont Pay! Our written guarantee takes the risk and worry out of hiring a carpet cleaner.